2020 AP001 - G.o.D Jersey
2020 AP001 - G.o.D Jersey
2020 AP001 - G.o.D Jersey
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2020 AP001 - G.o.D Jersey
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2020 AP001 - G.o.D Jersey

2020 AP001 - G.o.D Jersey

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 Jersey Details

  • 2020 AP001 - 'God of Dodge' jersey
  • Kit Kult Art Project
  • Designed by Rhodri Rees 
  • Manufactured by AKÜ
  • New condition
  • Fully sublimated design - Nape print and AKÜ logo heat transferred  
  • 100% polyester
  • Please note this jersey does not have care instructions so wash carefully

Jersey Size

  • Tag size XS - 38" Chest
  • Tag size S - 40"  Chest
  • Tag size M - 42"  Chest
  • Tag size L - 44"  Chest
  • Tag size XL - 46"  Chest
  • Tag size 2XL - 48"  Chest
  • Tag size 3XL - 50"  Chest

Please be aware that as sizes vary between manufacturers and countries, there is no standard size guide available. We have measured approximate chest widths of jerseys to give you an idea of fit.

The Art Project 
The Art Project aims to provide artists in and around the dodgeball community the opportunity to design a shirt and see it come to life in a limited series. Limited to 100 pieces, each shirt will have its own unique series number on the back and only be printed once. Each design will border the line between art and fashion and provide something truly unique for the court!

We want to see the Art Project enhance our community and be open about the distribution of any profits made from the shirts. All profits from the sale of Art Project 001 will be split equally between the artist Rhodri to fund future work, Arts Care Gofal Celf an art charity chosen by Rhodri and be placed back into funding Kit Kult Projects and giveaways.

Jersey Design 
Designed by the fine art practitioner Rhodri Rees, 'God of Dodge' is a concept kit shirt that combines a passion for the sport of dodgeball with a flare for traditional art techniques.

Throughout human history those that relish in the heart of battle have worn imagery that depict worshiped deities as symbols of faith and power. The concept of a 'God of Dodgeball'  for Rees serves as a fictional deity for the contemporary sport of dodgeball and its players.

Produced as a traditional woodblock print, Rees has transferred the image of his 'dodge deity' onto a shirt in a bold monochromatic design that reflects elements of the fine art process. Referencing the repetitive nature of woodblock printing and taking influence from such artists as Kathe Kollwitz and Andy Warhol, the design includes a large back panel featuring the God of Dodgeball, alongside a gridded front panel. 

"The idea behind the kit was to make something that could be enjoyed by both those in the dodgeball community and those with an interest in art. Being a dodgeball player I've loved being able to combine two passions of mine into a kit that I personally think looks exciting and unique." - Rhodri Rees 

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