About Us

Welcome to Kit Kult, a dedicated brand which aims to celebrate dodgeball kit culture and bring you jerseys from all over the world, in one place!

Kit Kult is the passion project of Anthony Aldred, perhaps more commonly known in the dodgeball community as @thedodgeballkitcollector, on Instagram. 

 The Story

Aldred's kit collecting obsession began in 2016, and he's swapped and shopped his way to over 150 jerseys from dodgeball teams all across the world. 

In order to showcase his collection and continue to grow it, Aldred set up his Instagram page, which has amassed over 1,200 followers.

However, sourcing kits is no mean feat - a problem Aldred is all too familiar with. Staying on top of local and national teams kit orders is impossible, and with limited runs on many of these designs, getting your hands on jerseys can prove tricky. 

This is where Kit Kult comes in!

Aldred wanted to create a platform that makes it easier to buy jerseys, get into collecting and continue supporting other teams in the dodgeball community.

Here you'll find fresh release kits, rare old-school gems, and even unique artist collaborations, plus some sweet Kit Kult merch. 

So how do you join the Kult? 

Dodgeballers and kit collecters
It's easy to get involved, from simply buying a kit, to signing up to the Kult mailing list.

If you're looking to get your hands on a specific jersey, we'll do our best to source it for you at a reasonable price. Aldred will even consider swaps for the shirts on the site, just get in touch

Dodgeball clubs and teams 

Aldred would love to connect with clubs and teams worldwide, to help raise awareness and support your kit orders. We want to help you meet your minimum order requirements and help drive your kit costs down. Plus, how cool would it be to have dodgeball players across the world wearing your name and number? 

If you're placing an order, please let us know and we'll help out as much as possible.