Art Project 001: the God of Dodge has arrived!

One of my goals when starting Kit Kult was to work with creatives connected to the dodgeball community to produce some truly unique jerseys, merging the worlds of sport and art. After all, shirt designs are an art form in themselves, and giving artists the freedom to do whatever they want, without being restricted to team colours or logos, can only lead to exciting pieces of work. 

And so, the Art Project was born! I was lucky enough to convince fine art practitioner, Rhodri Rees, to get on board for the very first Art Project jersey, which he christened 'God of Dodge' - which you can pre-order now

Introducing G.o.D

'God of Dodge' is a concept kit shirt that combines a passion for the sport of dodgeball with a flare for traditional art techniques.

Throughout human history, those that relish in the heart of battle have worn imagery that depicts worshiped deities as symbols of faith and power. The concept of a 'God of Dodgeball' for Rees serves as a fictional deity for the contemporary sport of dodgeball and its players.

Produced as a traditional woodblock print, Rees has transferred the image of his 'dodge deity' onto a shirt in a bold monochromatic design that reflects elements of the fine art process. Referencing the repetitive nature of woodblock printing and taking influence from such artists as Kathe Kollwitz and Andy Warhol, the design includes a large back panel featuring the God of Dodgeball, alongside a gridded front panel. 

"The idea behind the kit was to make something that could be enjoyed by both those in the dodgeball community and those with an interest in art. Being a dodgeball player I've loved being able to combine two passions of mine into a kit that I personally think looks exciting and unique." 

- Rhodri Rees

About the Artist 


Based in South Wales, Rhodri Rees is a print maker and painter (check out his Instagram to see some of his awesome work), as well as a member of the Carmarthen Wizards Dodgeball Club.

Rees' background is in fine art. He studied Art and Design at Carmarthen School of Art to receive his diploma, before embarking on a year out to complete a BA (Hons) course in Fine Art, receiving a First Class degree. 

Following his graduation, Rees was given the chance to expand his practice with a residency position at the university. This led to some fantastic opportunities, such as working with groups like C.A.N (Carmarthen Artist Network) and the 56 Group of Welsh artists. 

This also put Rees in the position to guest lecture as a tutor, which is a position he still holds today. 

Rees has played dodgeball with the Carmarthen Wizards for 4 years, a club my local club, the Granite City Guerrillas, hold close to our hearts. From the start of the club, he has brought both his interests together, for example, creating the club logo! 

More on the Art Project

The Art Project aims to provide artists, primarily those in the dodgeball community, the opportunity to design a shirt and see it come to life in a limited series. 

Each Art Project series will be strictly limited to 100 pieces. Each jersey will have its own unique series number on the back and will only ever be printed once (so you better be quick in snapping one up!). 

The designs themselves will blur the line between art and fashion, giving you an incredible piece of kit to flaunt on the court (or every day, if you're anything like me!). 

Giving Back

I want to see the Art Project enhance our community and so we'll always be open about the distribution of any profits made from the shirts. 

For AP001, all profits from shirt sales will be split equally between the designer themselves, to fund future work, an art-related charity chosen by the artist, and Kit Kult, where it will be used to fund future Kit Kult projects and giveaways. 

Rhodri has picked a local arts charity to support, called Arts Care. Founded in 1987, the organisation is based in Carmarthen and delivers high quality projects to a variety of people throughout the community. 

"Arts Care Gofal Celf develops, manages and delivers arts projects and workshops in a range of settings, including work in health and wellbeing, education, youth and community groups, older people, people with disabilities, festivals and events and with those who are socially excluded." 

- Arts Care Gofal Celf website

This sort of project is vital to the livelihoods of so many and I'm delighted that AP001 will be able to help out an organisation like Arts Care. During this current pandemic, both charitable organisations and the arts world are struggling, and I hope we can help a little with the sales from the shirt.  

Pre-Order AP001: G.o.D here

The shirt is yet to be printed so you can get it customised with your name and number! Pre-orders close 5th October - so click here to bag your shirt

Once you have selected your size and added the jersey to the cart, remember to pop your name and shirt number into the 'Add a Note to your Order' section in your Shopping Cart. Make sure your name and number are correct as we can't refund any customised products! 

I hope you all love the first Art Project jersey as much as I do. A huge thank you to Rhodri for all his work on this - I can't wait to get my hands on one! 

(@thedodgeballkitcollector) x